Elecrical Safety Inspection

Did You Know; 26,000 Homes are Lost Every Year
Due to Electrical Caused Fire?

Electrcial Fire Get a elecrical safety inspection

  • Have you noticed that your lights flickered, or that your electrical outlet or light switch plates are warm?
  • Do you have a fuse that blows often, or circuit breaker that trips regularly?
  • Do you have outlets that do not work, or have visible arc marks?

These are indications of potential electrical failure.

Protect you home and family with a Progressive Electric
Whole Home Electrical Safety Inspection.

Not only do we offer an Electrical Inspection…
We offer Peace of Mind.

With the Progressive Electric $27.00 48 point electrical inspection, we want to give you a better understanding of what is right and what is wrong, or potentially wrong with your electrical system.  We use the requirements of the NEC and the Electrical Code for the state of Florida as our guide to provide you with the most accurate analysis of your homes electrical system.

Use the form to the right, or contact us by phone today.
Call: (727) 588 – 0600 to set up an appointment.

“This is the best $27 I could have spent.  Sid came to my home and simply gave me the facts.  I was able to make an informed decision of what repairs could wait, and what needed immediate attention. Thank you Progressive Electric.”

 - Penny J
Gulfport, FL.

“Living in an older home I knew there would be issues.  The technician put my mind at ease with his professionalism and full report of the issues.  They (Progressive Electric) due truly provide peace of mind!”

- Michael C
Clearwater, FL.

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